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Nader Maurice

Business owner and global youth ministries consultant
Cairo, Egypt

“Are global Christian youth ready for involvement in the Great Commission?  Of course they are!  They want a challenge.  They want to give themselves to something that matters.  And what could matter more than engaging the world’s remaining unengaged peoples?  Let every Moses have his Joshua, let them go together into the tent of the Lord, and let them emerge arm in arm to make a difference among these remaining unengaged peoples.”

Lisa Pak

Speaker, Consultant and Strategist
Toronto, Canada

“The upcoming generation has a strategic role to play in engaging the world’s remaining unengaged peoples.  Yes, we are grateful for all the ways God has used traditional churches and organizations to spread the gospel—my own parents were touched by that wave of workers to the Korean peninsula.  But He’s the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; He sustains generational continuity in the pursuit of His glory being known among all peoples.  So step up, rising generation, and step in to the stunningly new and creative roles He is assigning to you.”


Chris Hawes

Operations Director
Horn of Africa Mission

“When I think of unengaged peoples, I think of my wife’s and my unengaged friends.  A lot of them want to be married and have children.  Some long for these almost every day.  To me unengaged peoples are like these friends, yearning to come into relationship with Christ if only they could meet Him and discover how wonderful He is.


Or to switch the image a bit, I wonder how I would feel as a father if my first-grader were unengaged by her teacher and classmates.  No one talked with her.  No one played with her.  No one sat with her at lunch.  My father’s heart would ache.”


Samuel Kebreab

Research Director

“The unengaged represent those to whom the church has not yet come.  They merit our focus, for do not those who have never heard have a greater claim to our attention than those who have?  Of course, we must share as often as we can with any outside the Lord, but the Great Commission mandates that we give special notice to those who haven’t once heard, and these are today’s unengaged.”


Dan Brokke

Executive Director
Bethany International

“I make a distinction between those who have heard or could hear the gospel and those who haven’t or can’t.  I think that’s a huge difference.  We call them the ‘profoundly unreached.’  But the unengaged—that takes things to an entirely different level.  There’s a sadness in that.”


Jared Nelms

Timothy Initiative and Coalition of the Willing

“On the one hand, there’s low-hanging fruit; on the other, there’s fruit not so easy to reach.  The unengaged represent the least of the least and those who have fallen through the cracks.  They’re the lost sheep who have yet to be found.  We’ve not yet prioritized them, and they’re still waiting.  I’m not saying this to lay blame anywhere—I’m just stating the reality that we’ve so far simply missed the mark here.”


Ashley Eure

Communications Consultant

“I’m a local church girl, and my heart breaks for those who don’t have opportunity to hear about Jesus.  I don’t see this as a call for the chosen few.  Christ hasn’t put qualifiers on the commission like age, location, or even gifting.  We’ve seen it over and over:  He doesn’t call the equipped; He equips the called.  Millennials and Gen Z, we’re digital natives, and that gives us a huge advantage in today’s world.  Let’s use that advantage, offer it to God, and see what He does with it on behalf of these people groups without workers.”


Kärin Primuth

Chief Executive Officer

“Building collaborative effort toward the unengaged is very challenging.  It takes enormous time and trust-building and is certain to come with conflict.  In fact, we’re discovering that the challenges involved in partnership are among Satan’s favorite means to blunt any effort toward the unengaged.  We exist in part to expose those challenges and to provide a space to discuss and resolve them.  When we come together and work as we were designed to be and do, God pours His Spirit upon us, and we see a quality of fruit we could never see on our own.”


John Becker

Global Strategy Director
Africa Inland Mission

“I’m both excited and impatient at the state of the unengaged.  I’m excited because never in the history of the Church have we known as much as we do about the existence and even the location of these unengaged peoples, and never before have we had such a spirit of collaboration to engage them.  At the same time, there’s the pressing question of why these groups continue to be unengaged.  I know we’re in sight and that God would surely help us if we were to act.”


Mary Ho

International Executive Leader
All Nations

“There’s no visible Church.  There’s only a spiritual wilderness where Jesus is not known or worshiped.  I think about my own life, and it is not hard to believe that I would not have been a contributing part of society had the Lord not touched me so deeply.  I’m greatly burdened to know that unengaged peoples don’t have a chance to be transformed by Him as I have been.  Yes, greatly burdened.  Greatly troubled.  And greatly desirous of doing something about it if I can.”


Decio de Carvalho

Former Executive Director, COMIBAM

“The Latin American church is passionate about engaging the world’s remaining unengaged peoples.  We’re praying.  We’re mobilizing.  We’re hosting huge events during which the opportunities and challenges of the unengaged are put before us.  COMIBAM alone has committed with the Lord’s help to engaging 100 of the remaining Muslim unengaged by the end of 2025.  But may I ask one thing of us all?  When we consider the Great Commission in Matthew 28, let’s start with v. 17 not v. 18.  Let’s start with worship, then let’s make disciples of all peoples.  And let’s keep worshipping—even as we nurture worshippers from every people.”


Michael Kaspar

Director of Global Initiatives
Vision Synergy

“Whereas unengaged peoples are indeed forgotten by the Global Church, there’s also a powerful opportunity in our day to partner and to move toward them.  It’s an opportunity for courage.  It’s an opportunity for faith.  These engagements could happen, and they could happen quickly—the Church is after all the world’s largest body doing collective work for good.  I see thousands of individuals, churches, businesses, and agencies working together to do this.  Across generations and across geographical and cultural boundaries.”

Andrew Feng


“When I think about the unengaged, my heart breaks.  They have no access to the gospel, and there’s so much we could do.  The millennial generation alone is available and waiting for someone to tap them on the shoulder and invite them to be part of the solution.  Young adults, you have the keys to the kingdom.  Let’s have a bias for action and be okay with failure.  What will you do for the unengaged?  Video?  Short film?  Documentary?  Comic strips?  Haiku?  Technology has disrupted our processes and given us a unique opportunity to share Christ at an exponential rate.  We’re open to anything you can dream of to serve these remaining unserved.”

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