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Every hour of every day the sun rises on 60 unengaged people groups.*  That's a total of about 1,600 groups.  This interactive globe is designed to give you a sense for some of those groups.  Click on the black label and you can read descriptions of the highlighted group.

The explorer tool (button above) can help you get a perspective on any group of interest.  

*on average 

How this works...

First, you can rotate the globe and explore some of the unengaged people groups we're highlighting on this website.  What is our point?  That there are many hundreds of these unserved peoples, making up hundreds of millions of people, and the same sun that rises on you, rises on them.  

Second, you can access the Unengaged Peoples Explorer Tool and explore all the world's unengaged people groups.  This tool employs search mechanisms to help you find your way.  Our hope is that you will pray for the specific needs and be a part of engaging them.    


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