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Learn About Unengaged Peoples  

These short videos introduce some of the key truths and concepts related to unengaged peoples.  Our friend Mike Latsko is on point for this initial set of videos, and we look forward to many others from around the world also soon addressing these and other topics.  The average run time is about 2 mins and 20 seconds.   

Who are these people?  Why should we care?  

Website Purpose

Run Time:  2 min 16 sec

What are People Groups?

Run Time: 2 min 32 sec

What's Our Biblical Basis?

Run Time: 3 min 7 sec

Reached, Unreached and Unengaged People Groups

Run Time: 2 min 17 sec

A Key Passage

Run Time: 4 min 19 sec

Obstacles to Engagement

Run Time: 2 min 54 sec

Engagement Criteria

Run Time: 2 min 56 sec

Three Illustrations

Run Time: 3 min 15 sec

What's Our Motivation?

Run Time: 2 min 50 sec

How Can We Upgrade Our List?

Run Time: 3 min 40 sec

How Might We Partner?

Run Time: 2 min 15 sec

What Now? Next Steps.

Run Time: 3 min 57 sec

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