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Coming soon...   Next Steps: Your and Ours

Before we offer some suggestions for next steps for you, let us tell you some of the things we know or are thinking:

1.  As we launch this site, we know there are gaps.

2. We are not afraid of the gaps, and ask you to help us fix them.

3.  We want to hear from you!

Next Steps

Here are some issues we still need to address.  What should we add or otherwise be thinking about?

1. What about diaspora populations?  Because of globalization, migrations are happening all over the place and for various reasons.  Is this a means of connecting with unengaged peoples?

2. Where, specifically, do the unengaged live—like, where in the country?  And who and where are the potential proximate engagers you speak of with respect to those locations?

3.  We're a small church.  How do we get involved?

4.  Our church (or org) is interested.  But you've said no one is engaging these unengaged.  So how do we know what to do next?

5.  Is there a step prior to actually engaging?  Could my church/friends/orgs "adopt" a people and see how the Lord directed us?  What might that look like?

6.  Where can I get prayer requests for unengaged peoples in particular?

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